New medical bill review & pharmacy benefits management vendor

As a reminder, Fire Districts of NY Mutual Insurance Co. has established a new partnership for medical bill review and pharmacy benefits management. Beginning September 1, 2023, FDMNY has transitioned these services to ManageAbility, Inc. for medical bill review and Prodigy Care Services, LLC for pharmacy benefits management.

Each applicable fire district should have received a package of new VFBL/Workers’ compensation claim cards for distribution to all of its active members.

As always, our FDMNY claims staff is here to help answer questions and guide you through the Volunteer Firefighters’ Benefits Law (VFBL) and Workers’ Compensation claims process as needed.

Our commitment to our policyholders and claimants is our priority. This new relationship allows for faster processing of bills, but is also be more cost-effective. As a mutual company owned by its policyholders, these and other efficiencies indirectly contribute to keeping premiums down.

Fire Districts of NY Mutual Insurance Co. is New York’s premier provider of VFBL and associated Workers’ Compensation coverage, proudly insuring volunteer firefighters in New York State since 1978.

Thank you for your business and for your continued trust in us.

Submit invoices to:
Fire Districts of New York Mutual Ins. Co., Inc.
ManageAbility c/o Oncourse
PO Box 2946Milwaukee, WI 53201-2946
Fax: 248-823-7002
Email:[email protected]
ProdigyRx First Fill Information
Group #: FDM58
Bin #s: 004527, 023442, 003241
Prodigy Rx: 888-981-7948
For Provider Relations, beginning September 1, 2023, call 248-344-2295.