NEW EMFs for all NYS Employers (2023)

We have an important insurance update to share regarding all Workers Compensation and/or Volunteer Firefighter Benefits Law (VFBL) policyholders in New York State. This applies to all insurance companies and providers doing business in New York State.

The New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB) has implemented a new calculation this year to determine the Experience Modification Factors (EMFs) for all New York State Employers including fire districts. This may result in a significant change to some employers/fire districts EMFs which is based on the policyholder’s loss experience.

The experience modifier is a multiplying factor that’s assigned to an employer/fire district by NYCIRB and reflects its claim history. This number is based on your historical cost of injuries and future risk chances. Any change to your 2023 renewal EMF will directly impact your premium. If an employer/fire district’s accident history is below average, they can get a credit on their workers’ compensation policy, meaning they pay less premium. If their experience is above average when compared to similar sized and types of employers/fire districts, they’ll pay more than average for the same type of coverage.

The NYCIRB has made several resources available to employers on their website ( to facilitate in understanding the changes they have made.

Putting safety first is critical for managing workers’ compensation and VFBL losses. Fire Districts of New York Mutual Insurance Co., Inc. provides our policyholders cost effective quality service including loss control services to help improve and maintain the health and safety of firefighters throughout New York State. We partner with local independent insurance brokers. Contact your Insurance Broker if you have any questions. Together we are dedicated to serve your needs.

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